Dani Nel·lo meets Koko Jean & The Tonics

Music, Funk, soul and disco
dani nello

Two of the most explosive exponents on our music scene together on the same stage for the second time. On one hand, the sax of Dani Nel•lo, committed to the hardest hitting rhythm ‘n’ blues, and, on the other, the most explosive voice in soul, and singer with The Excitements, Koko Jean-Davis. They are backed by the impressive Tonics rhythm section, with Víctor Puertas at the keys of the magical Hammond B3, Dani Baraldés on guitar and Anton Jarl on the drums. An evening not suitable for those with weak hearts.

Dani Nel·lo sax, Koko Jean-Davis vocals, Dani Baraldés guitar, Víctor Puertas Hammond B3, Anton Jarl drums.

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