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David Bowie Tribute Show: The stars look very different today

  • Music

Time Out says

Barcelona's local music scene pays homage to David Bowie with this tribute concert at Razzmatazz featuring artists and bands who have been greatly influenced by the man. Whether you're a fan of any of these local bands or a fan of Bowie and want to see how the locals pay their respects, get to Razz and be treated to music from Lav Records All Stars (Miqui Puig's label), Elefantes, Seward, Àlex Torío & Empar Moliner, Glaucs, Dani Vega (Mishima), Jaume Pla (Mazoni), Jordi Lanuza & Fer (Inspira), Pau Vallvé, Josep Xortó & Arnau Obiols (Stand Up Against Heart Crime), Marc Ros & Jess Senra & Marcel Cavallé & Edu Martínez (Sidonie), Suite Blackstars (Bunbury/Ovni/Suite), Aldo Comas (San León), Mi Capitán (with members of Love of Lesbian, Standstill and Egon Soda), War Sun & Sergi Arola, Boreals, Víctor Caliente (Delafe/Mi Capitán), Santos, Mariona Aupí, Minova, and David Amills & Jaume Vilaseca (Aladdin Spiders).

All proceeds will be donated to the Foundation for Research in Oncology and Immunology, FROI.


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