Dead Moon Records 2nd Anniversary: Mujeres + Síctor Valdaña & The Check This Outs...

Music, Pop
© Rafa Castells Mujeres

The big party to celebrate the second anniversary of Dead Moon Records takes place over three days with concerts in Almo2bar, featuring live performances from Mujeres and their can't-fail garage sounds; Combray, an instrumental project with a shiny and picturesque ambience from Raúl Barrueco (Tannhäuser) and Paqui Timoneda; the unstoppable punk rock hit machine that is Síctor Valdaña and The Check This Outs; dark electronica from Anatomía Humana Desmontable; and the mix of electronica and synthetica from Acción Diplomática, brought to you by Víctor Morcillo (Ciudad Lineal).


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