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DNIT: Drew McDowall + Florence To

  • Music, Dance and electronic
DNIT: Drew McDowall, Forence To
Drew McDowall, Forence To

Time Out says

'Time Machines' is one of Coil’s best-ever albums, and perhaps one of the most influential drone albums of the last 20 years. It consists of four drones created with modular synthesizers that seek to create hallucinogenic sensations. Influenced also by Tibetan music, they use filters and oscillators in tones to induce the trance state. Drew McDowall, whose stint as a member of Coil started in the 1990s, played a key role in the development of the band's new sound, which left behind the avant-pop sound to get something more complex and abstract. He previously collaborated with Psychic TV and was part of the English post-industrial movement along with punk band The Poems. British visual artist Florence To works with generative motion graphics and lighting productions, with a focus on spatial architectural design in specific on-site projects. She's one of the most incredible visual creators in Europe.


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