DNIT: Vessel + Falty DL

Music, Dance and electronic

Sebastian Gainsborough is Vessel, a music producer from Bristol, in England. At just 24 years old, this young prodigy has become a visionary of today's electronic music. The release of his first album, 'Order of Noise', was one of the biggest events for the electronic scene in 2012. The sound combined dark environs with dub and experimental techno. 'Punisher, Honey' (2014) is his second studio album, where Vessel's sound has evolved, the refined darkness that characterised him has become industrial and organic. He shares the bill with Drew Lustman, Falty DL, an American artist in based in New York who will present his latest album, 'Into the Wild' (2014), playing with rhythms that recall footwork, low pulsating house, in a transition of tracks and smooth and elegant styles.

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