Emergència! 2015: Miraflores + The Parrots + Flamaradas + Der Panther + Hi Corea! + Karen Koltrane + Resonance + Ensemble Topogràfic + Reverberation Radio

Music, Pop
The Parrots
© Sergio Albert The Parrots

The Emergència! festival returns for its seventh edition at the CCCB with the best of the emerging and independent scene, bringing local, national, and international names to the stage. From pop to folk, dream-pop and rock, the festival features Sevillian groups Miraflores and Hi Corea!; Madrid's The Parrots, Der Panther and Karen Koltrane;, Flamaradas and Ensemble Topográfico from Barcelona; Resonance from the Canary Isalnds; and Los Angeles group Reverberation Radio Live Session.

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