Give a Home: Mishima + La Casa Azul + Sílvia Pérez Cruz

Give a home
© Paula Bonet

Sofar Sounds, an international movement that organises secret concerts in private homes for music lovers, and Amnesty International, the biggest human rights organisation in the world, unite to create a worldwide charity music event called 'Give a Home', in support of refugees.

On Wednesday September 20 thousands of artists will give free and intimate concerts in private homes in more than 300 cities around the globe. In Barcelona the event takes place in the living room of a landmark home, but the exact location will remain secret until a few days beforehand.

Only 100 audience members will be able to attend this very special concert where, if you're one of the lucky ones, you'll see and hear up close La Casa Azul, Mishima and Sílvia Pérez Cruz. If you want to attend, you can participate in prize draw to win two tickets. Once you participate, you can also make a donation toward ending human rights violations that refugees suffer every day.


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