Grec 2015: Diego el Cigala

Music, Latin and world
Diego el Cigala
© Anya Bartels-Suermondt Diego el Cigala

It’s no accident that El Cigala has chosen a piano-only accompaniment for his show at the Teatre Grec: the piano marked a turning point in his career. He encountered it in 2000, thanks to the great Bebo Valdés, with whom he recorded one of the most important albums of his career, Lágrimas negras. Meeting the legendary Cuban pianist was a gift, above all because Valdés revealed to the singer the vast potential of a musical instrument that he has rarely been separated from since. After Bebo, El Cigala enlisted the musician’s piano-playing son, Chucho Valdés, and then Caramelo de Cuba. Since 2005, however, he has been accompanied by Jaime Calabuch, Yumitus, from Barcelona’s gypsy community. He will be helping him revisit his greatest hits, playing styles from zambra to tango and bolero.

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