Grec 2016: Benjamin Clementine [CANCELLED]

Benjamin Clementine
Benjamin Clementine

This event has been cancelled. 

Benjamin Clementine grew up reading the poetry of William Blake and TS Eliot, but what changed his life was the keyboard one of his brothers bought for him and the discovery of a roster of musicians ranging from Erik Satie to Antony & The Johnsons. His first EP, 'Cornerstone', received rave reviews, and his debut album, 'At Least for Now', won the prestigious Mercury Prize for the best new album of 2015. Clementine’s moving voice tells stories of love and loss, hope and despair, in lyrical songs that he plays at the piano. These are personal experiences from a self-taught British musician who spent long periods living in the streets in the UK and France, but they are also shared by many listeners who identify with and are touched by the extraordinary talent of one of the most unusual musicians to have emerged in recent times.


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