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La Orquestra del Caballo Ganador: ZA! + CaboSanRoque + Sara Fontán

  • Music, Jazz

Time Out says

CaboSanRoque and ZA!, along with Sara Fontán, present a special night with the Orquesta del Caballo Ganador, regulars at Heliogàbal, on a new stage: L'Auditori. The Orquestra del Caballo Ganador nights are unique in that each concert features different musicians, and nothing is prepared in advance, so there's a common language of improvisation – that of the gestures of the Caballo Ganador, a kind of language based on Walter Thompson's Soundpainting, Butch Morris's conduction, John Zorn's Cobra, and a lot of vocabulary created ad hoc. The aim is to adapt the code to the driving improv, often reserved for music at the forefront, to all types of styles and musicians; technique and discipline don't matter – what matters is the flow. All the nights are special and different by definition, but tonight there are a lot of factors making it even more so – the use of CaboSanRoque's instruments that have a unique timbre, without a defined technique when it comes to playing, and the inclusion of a new CaboSanRoque machine that allows for a type of improv they've never explored before. 


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