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Minifestival 2016: Emma Pollock + The Popguns + Autour de Lucie + Die Katapult...

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Time Out says

The Minifestival of Independent Music of Barcelona is back for its 21st year. They've moved out to La Capsa in Prat (think near the airport), to continue their promotion of independent music from here and abroad. Headliners this year: Emma Pollock, founding member of The Delgados, one of the most interesting and influential bands to come out of the mid-'90s music scene in Glasgow, with her third solo album, 'In Search of Harperfield' (2016); The Popguns, Brighton-based indie rock band that started up in 1986, disappeared in the early '90s, and are now back for a few concerts, like this one at the Minifestival; representing the new phase of veteran French musicians, Autour de Lucie, a duo of singer Valérie Leulliot and multi-instrumentalist Sébastien Lafargue, who have a new album to show off, 'Ta lumière particulière' (2015). Rounding out the bill are London four-piece band Desperate Journalist; Swedish dream-pop and shoegaze outfit Star Horse; the explosive electropop duo based in Barcelona Die Katapult; Alexandre Lacaze from France; Barcelona's Her Little Donkey; musician Eric Palaudàries' project Ex-Céntrico; and local (Terrassa) duo of Irish music Kinsale.


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