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Natural Child

  • Music, Rock and indie

Time Out says

How does a bit of midweek rock grab you? Straight out of Nashville, Natural Child has been doing southern rock, old-school country rock and the best kind of '70s boogie since 2009. The group is made up of two former members of fellow Nashiville band Turbo Fruits who later recruited a guitarist. The trio packed all their gear in a van performed an average of 200 concerts a year for the next three years, writing new material between shows. In 2011 they released their first LP, '1971'. In 2012 came two more, 'For the Love of the Game' and 'Hard in Heaven'. In 2014 they became a quintet and published their fourth album, 'Dancin' with Wolves', which you can check out during 'Ruta 66' magazine's big bash.


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