New Year's Eve 2015 Marabú 008

New Year's Eve 2015 Marabú 008

If you and your mates are hipsters who drink cold-pressed juices while you listen to trap, this is the party for you. Club Maabú defines itself as a club for the young and restless creative, artistic and open types right in line with the latest technologies. That is, an offline platform where the online generation can come together and have some real fun. For the last night of the year, they're not bringing in some big famous name star, but instead counting on their fantastic resident DJs Guim Lebowski, Veski, Ralf Laurent and Mireia Ossorno, among others. Have yourself an eclectic night with big helpings of local Barcelona cool, and dance to everything from classic funk to mákina. All this at best-friends prices: €20, including two drinks.


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