Nueva Época Monumental #2: Joe Crepúsculo feat Alacrán + Mujeres + Miqui Otero DJ + Elsa de Alfonso DJ + Delorean DJ

© Iván Montero

Producer Canada is back with a second round of Nueva Época ('New Era'), just four months after the memorable first edition, where we got live performances from Capitán and El Último Vecino and danced along with DJ sessions by Hidrogenesse, El Guincho and Extraperlo. This time around you'll get concerts by Joe Crepúsculo feat. Alacrán (Nacho Vigalondo) and Mujeres, who will present their latest EP 'Aquellos Ojos' (2014). The party will carry on through the night with Delorean, Elsa De Alfonso and Miqui Otero at the decks.

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