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#ornitofest 2015: Mazoni + Sanjays + Za! + Esperit! + Tokyo Sex Destruction + It's Not Not + Rosalía + Refree...

  • Music, Pop

Time Out says

The Ornitorrincos (Platypus) collective, experts in bringing together two groups of seemingly different styles and recording a collaboration between them, presents a new edition of the Movistar #ornitofest. In this festival, different bands will mix, reinterpret, fuse and perform versions of their songs live, offering a unique experience. In this second edition you get the pairings of Refree with Rosalía, Mazoni with Sanjays, The Freak Fandango Orchestra with reacTable, Za! with Esperit!, Boreales with Begun, Tokio Sex Destruction with It's Not Not, and the DJs Bufferlibre with Hal9000.


€14-€16 (two-day pass €20-€30)
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