Primavera al Raval 2017: Slim Cessna's Auto Club + William Tyler + The Wheels

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Slim Cessna's Auto Club
Slim Cessna's Auto Club

The second day of the free Primavera al Raval concert series features live shows from Slim Cessna's Auto Club (2.40pm), a new Americana band out of Colorado that's loyal to this mix of country, blues, gospel and folk; instrumental and hypnotic folk and country from Nashville composer William Tyler (5.20pm); and the lo-fi punk, pop, R&B and noise from American band Priests (2.40pm). Local sounds provided by Mallorcan band The Wheels with their psychedelia (2pm); synthesizers and more from duo Playback Maracas (3.20pm); the quartet Sorry Kate from Madrid with their collage of pop, electronica and psychedelia (12.40pm); synth-pop from SALFVMAN (1.20pm); and Barcelona band Her Little Donkey (4pm).


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