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Sonny Moore

Sónar presents 'Skrillex Takes Over Barcelona', a four-night electronica marathon where the artist will perform in some of the city's top clubs. Between Wednesday, 26 February and Saturday, 1 March, Skrillex will perform in Moog (Wed, 26 Feb), The Bus Club at Razzmatazz (Thu, 27 Feb), BeCool (Fri, 28 Feb) and Ker Club (Sat, 1 Mar). Skrillex promises four nights of intense music, exhausting all different styles of current electronica. After his massive multi-day show during Sónar 2013, as well as similar performances in his native United States, Sonny Moore has chosen Barcelona for this amazing run. A mass phenomenon at only 26 years old, the California-born electronica musician has risen to new heights of popularity, after having got his start with the sonic vocabulary of Aphex Twin (his idol since he was 12) and bringing that into the realm of dubstep and giving it a twist, where the acid frequencies and the famous drops take precedence over the lows. Skrillex is tension and drama: when his lets his breaks loose, collective madness erupts.

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