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Karaoke in Barcelona: ten spots to sing your heart out

Tired of singing in the shower and not getting your well-deserved 15 minutes of fame? Here are ten places for karaoke in Barcelona where you can let your little light shine
Anti Karaoke Sidecar
© Naria Caamano

Get the drinks in, pick a song and start belting: we’ve rounded up ten spots in Barcelona where you can tackle karaoke, so you’ve got no excuse not to join in on the great fun that is embarrassing yourself in public.

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Sor Rita

icon-location-pin El Gòtic

The name Sor Rita works out to a playful way of saying 'crazy ladies' in Spanish. The venue itself is not at all reverent; in fact it attracts sinners, scoundrels and the amoral like Winnie the Pooh to honey or Sloth to chocolate. You're surrounded by images that would delight Pedro Almodóvar. The ceiling at the entrance is covered with high heels, and there's a giant mural with the likenesses of big Kitschland heroes such as Diana Ross, Alaska, Abba and Boy George. Their karaoke sessions are every Thursday at 9pm, and you with décor like that, you can imagine the kind of tunes awaiting you.



icon-location-pin L'Antiga Esquerra de l'Eixample

People are talking, and they're saying that at Klavier, every night is special. Musician Joan Miró is the owner and host of this piano bar with a deliciously decadent charm and very, very, very late nights. Klavier has a je ne sais quoi of the divine gauche: it reminds the more mature among us of the kind of disco you went to to make out back in the day. As the night progresses, a variety of fauna wander in, including the slightly longer in the tooth leaving the ballroom, confused night owls, radical party animals and indie kids, who check each other out with covert lust. But what everyone's really after is the microphone and the piano accompaniment of Miró to sing various standards from the gigantic repertoire. If you're at Klavier when it's closing time, be forewarned that the next day you'll be in quite a bit pain.

© Touch Music Karaoke Bar

Touch Music Karaoke Bar

icon-location-pin La Vila Olímpica del Poblenou

With one of the most dynamic karaoke sessions in the city, this spot is in constant movement on the social media sites and is always very responsive to its clientele. If you forget to bring your camera, don't worry – this is one of the few karaoke spots in town where they're constantly taking photos and you can find yours on their Facebook page. First-class treatment. Plus, if you have a group of 20 or more, they can open just for you.

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George Payne

icon-location-pin Dreta de l'Eixample

The thing about the George Payne is, it's massive. A huge space right in Plaça Urquinaona that once was an adult-film cinema, this is one of those Irish pubs where you find yourself among groups who have made up special T-shirts for their Barcelona adventure and small groups of visitors who are tired of walking around trying to find a place where they understand something on the menu. Plus, there's the bonus of the karaoke: every Thursday and Sunday from 9pm, the mics are open to all. A grand place for having a sing and a quenching your thirst with a nice cold pint.

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Live Band Karaoke at Craft Barcelona

icon-location-pin Craft Barcelona, El Gòtic

This is not your run-of-the-mill karaoke night – this is karaoke with a live band behind you playing the song, and you up front as the real star you've always known you are. Once you get to the bar, grab yourself a drink and sign up to be one of the performers for the night, choosing a song from the list of popular hits. Enjoy the huge selection of drinks and tapas on offer until your name is called up and you get your chance to shine.


Discoteca Nick

icon-location-pin Sants

It's a restaurant, it's a nightclub, and it's a karaoke bar (where there is an extra supplement to get in). You can even practise tuning up your pipes at home, since their website features a list of all the songs they have available in their karaoke system.

A viva voz
©A Viva Voz

A Viva Voz

icon-location-pin Eixample

A Viva Voz has two locales, this one and the other in C/Rocafort. The two form a type of special tandem for the biggest karaoke fanatics. In addition to the nighttime fun, you can also rent out the space from noon – great for a daytime celebration.

weekend karaoke bar
©Weekend Karaoke Bar

Weekend Karaoke Bar

icon-location-pin Dreta de l'Eixample

When you're out on the town in the centre and still hankering for that last drink of the night in a karaoke bar that's more mellow than the wild stage show that is Anti-Karaoke, where you don't have to wait half an hour for your song to come on, here's the place for you. Between the metro stops Tetuán and Girona you'll find this karaoke house where you can get a nightcap and sing the anthem that best represents you and your mates before heading off for a bite to eat or to your scratcher for dreams of your international superstardom.


Sing-Along: Cinema and karaoke at Aribau Multicines

icon-location-pin Eixample

If the idea of going to the cinema for a couple of hours makes you restless, it's because you've never been to the phenomenon that is Sing-Along. How it works is you go to see a musical on the big screen, but this time instead of a bunch of stuffy audience members shushing you, you've got some enthusiastic film buffs up front encouraging you to get up and sing and dance along with the songs, which are subtitled in karaoke format. Sing-Along in Barcelona has to date shown films in English.



icon-location-pin El Poble-sec

Zoologic is a restaurant that banks on wild and fun cheekiness and ambiguity. Along with dinner you'll take in a futuristic cabaret show, with characters who are elegant yet far from the norm; it's nothing like the sterotypical notion of stag or hen night outings. After dinner there are karaoke sessions. Definitely book in advance.

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