Cal Cuiner

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Cal Cuiner

This is a great place for trying patates emmascarades (a kind of mashed potato served with differents kind of sausage), roasted pork ribs and truffle canelons. Cal Cuiner combines the essence of Catalan cooking with Basque influences resulting in dishes such as cod with stewed capipota (head and feet of cow) and pil-pil cream (pil-pil is a Basque sauce for cod), cod fritters with romesco and pil-pil or cuttlefish, crayfish and baby garlic with shrimp cream, not forgetting their take on the traditional roasted meat (rostit) croquetas. 

By: Albert Tomàs


Venue name: Cal Cuiner
Address: C/ Doctor Jover, 12
Masquefa (Anoia)
Opening hours: Open from Tue to Sun at lunchtimes plus Fri and Sat evenings.
Price: Set daily menu €11.40. Weekend set menu €26.50.
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