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Demasie Cafe
Cinnamon roll
Cinnamon roll

Its name hints at this café/bakery's laid-back character with a touch of extravagance, considering 'demasié' means something along the lines of 'too much' or 'over the top'. With an arrogance worthy of Carlsberg beer, they claim that their biscuits are 'amazingly good'. Demasié's café was added on to the original shop a few years ago, so that customers could try their specialities in situ. And yes, the biscuits are amazingly good, but so are the cakes, the chocolates and the sweets. And now their speciality is their cinnamon rolls. The original, with cinnamon and sugar, is the star of the show, but you can also sink your sweet tooth into other flavours such as Nutella, Oreo, red berries, tiramisu, and even a vegan variety.


By: Manel Guirado


Venue name: Demasié
Address: Princesa, 28
El Born
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 8am-9pm; Fri 8am-9.30pm, 11pm-midnight; Sat 8am-9.30pm; Sun 8am-9.30pm, 11pm-midnight
Transport: Jaume (M: L4)
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