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Dr. Zhang

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  • Sant Antoni
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  1. Dr Zhang
    Foto: Scott ChasserottDr Zhang
  2. Dr Zhang
    Foto: Scott ChasserottDr Zhang
  3. Dr Zhang
    Foto: Dr. ZhangDr Zhang

Time Out says

What is a dumpling, or a gyoza, or a bao or a pot sticker if not variations on the same theme? That universal archetype of differently shaped stuffed pieces of dough that's often eaten by hand and swallowed in a single bite of pleasure. At Dr. Zhang they specialise in Chinese dumplings, and you can see them coming from kitchen to table in a variety of flavours such as duck, or the fried ones stuffed with curry. Be prepared for some more unorthodox themes to come out from time to time, such as the seasonal Halloween wanton stuffed with pumpkin, sweet potato, curry, and sweet and sour sauce. The dough is good and home-made, the fillings made with the utmost of care.


Sepúlveda, 137
Sant Antoni
Urgell (M: L1), Sant Antoni (M: L2)
Opening hours:
Mon closed; Tue 8.30pm-11pm; Wed-Sat 1.30pm-4pm, 8.30pm-11pm; Sun 1.30pm-4pm
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