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Time Out says

Paco Pérez originally opened L'Eggs in 2014, and in autum of 2019, he relaunched his restaurant that features eggs as the star. The multi-award-winning Catalan chef is also a high-performance entrepreneur, he manages to keep a discreet media profile. With Pérez and his work, what you see is what you get: it’s not about the social media overload like some others in his field. ‘Eggs are the main ingredient for the opening this restaurant, and although they are central to the menu, you have to give life to the space, find new elements,’ he says.

L’Eggs is a delight, a place where you can enjoy cuisine from an exceptional chef, with dishes set at pleasing prices. Plenty of chefs like to talk about taking standard fare and making into something truly impressive. But few make it to the heights of Pérez’s ‘truita mandrosa’ (‘lazy omelette’): it’s a juicy, French-style omelette with chunks of two types of ‘botifarra’ sausage atop a base of slow-cooked veal, the sweetness contrasted with a very spicy piparra pepper. ‘We went in search of combinations that make sense and that are versatile,’ says Pérez.

Ovo-lacto vegetarians will be wowed by dishes such as the one made with duck’s egg, corn, and ‘huitlacoche’. (Don’t let the English name ‘corn smut’ or the fact that huitlacoche is a fungus put you off, as this Mexican delicacy has an excellent flavour and is also called the Mexican truffle, if that helps.) The creamy combination of the three main ingredients all comes together in soft-intense-smooth spoonfuls. Meat eaters won’t want to miss the steak tartare with chipotle mayonnaise that you eat with a waffle. And there's fish too, such as the hake cooked at exactly 69°C. Bear in mind that you could go somehwere else for food that’s prepared with less care, and pay more for it.


Pg. de Gràcia, 116
La Vila de Gràcia
Diagonal (M: L5, L3)
Opening hours:
Daily 1pm-4pm, 8pm-11pm
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