1. Les Truites
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    Foto: Les Truites Les Truites
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    Foto: Ivan GiménezLes Truites
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Les Truites

4 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

I'm an omelette fanatic. In Barcelona there's a spot called Les Truites ('truita' is omelette in Catalan, and in Spanish it's 'tortilla'), where eggs are life. Just by having a look around the restaurant's website, you'll know there's no doubt in their mind that the egg came before the chicken. While you're at the website you can feast your eyes on the array of omelettes that Juan Antonio Miró makes that is so dazzling I imagine he goes to bed resting his head on a fluffy omelette instead of a pillow.

I go to Les Truites with a happy soul and a strong faith that has recently been questioned by some scandalously mediocre potato omelettes around town. Since Bar Michigan and its 'omelette spagnole' have been taken over by inferior chefs, life doesn't have the same rosy glow.

In order to try enough of a variety to satisfy my chronic omelette habit, I order an assortment of six that together make a whole. The most curious, and they tell me it also happens to be their best-seller, is the ham croissant omelette. At first the sampler plate seems a bit strange, but it starts to win over this palate accustomed to simpler omelettes. A fantastic one is the foie gras, and an extraordinary option is the 'morcilla' blood sausage with a hint of spiciness that I can easily see becoming a true vice.

Another, more traditional, omelette is the courgette with onion – it's gorgeous, but gives me a bit of a feeling of dejà vu. I like omelettes when they're slightly undercooked, so the one with 'sobrassada' sausage and the one with olive paste are not for me. The sobrassada variety has a very red colour and a mild flavour, but if you like your omelettes more well-cooked, you'll enjoy it. On the other hand, since olive paste is tricky and can take over the flavour of anything it's prepared with, this omelette might work better as an accompaniment to one with cod in, for example.

For dessert I order a 'coca de Sant Joan' omelette. Yes, there are dessert omelettes, and this one brings the flavour of the Sant Joan summer solstice celebrations to your table.


Viladomat, 324
Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
El Putxet (FGC)
Opening hours:
Mon closed; Tue-Sat 12.30pm-4.30pm, 8pm-11pm; Sun closed
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