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Maria DiasTutusaus

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

Thanks to the success of Tutusaus Turó Park, the flagship of this family restaurant, located for nearly 30 years on C/ Industria, the decision was made to create a space for tastings of the excellent products that have helped make their name what it is today, and to offer tantalising daily lunch specials.

The shop and tasting room are open from 9am until 8pm, something those who live and work in the barrio must appreciate, as they can stop in any time of the day to try this top-quality and healthy offering. The Tutusauses are one of the oldest and highest-quality butchers and cheese makers in town, and they're also distributors of what is considered one of the best Iberian hams in all of Spain – Lazo ham, from Cortegana (Huelva).

Margarita Tutusaus shows us round her shop and workspace with pride, and explains that the new space 'is a restaurant without a kitchen: everything comes daily from Centelles, where a chef prepares the dishes we serve'. Opened in January, it's already a benchmark locale. We wanted to start with oysters from Gouthier (a specialist in Sarrià), but 'as usual whenever Barça plays, the shop's clientele hasn't left us a bite,' Lucy apologizes.

The assortment of patés, from French producer Thior is a good starter in its own right and helped comfort us in the absence of the oysters. The ox tail, which is very well prepared with wine sauce, was a definite hit. Real beef, cooked to perfection, it was juicy and went down a treat. We also spotted pigs' trotters cannelloni, which we didn't have room for and had to leave for another visit. Also on offer, but not on the menu, were the neighbourhood favourite, lentils. On Wednesdays there's 'escudella' (a traditional Catalan stew) and on Thursdays they feature a bean stew from Asturias, 'fabada'.

We finished the meal with a delicious assortment of international cheeses (robbiola, Taleggio, stilton, gorgonzola and an Asturian La Peral). For dessert there's coffee and some exquisite cakes, prepared by the same place in Centelles. The space is small and your best bet is to not be picky, but to go with a curiosity to try something new and different. You'll be treated well, and so will your taste buds.

Written by
Marcelo Aparicio


Francesc Pérez-Cabrero, 5
Sarrià-Sant Gervasi
Bonanova, Muntaner (FGC)
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 8.30am-9.30pm; Sat 9am-2pm; Sun and holidays closed. Summer timetable (Jul 28 – Aug 31) 9am-5pm (closed Sat evenings). Closed Aug 11-17.
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