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Espai Joliu
Espai Joliu

Joliu is a word related to joy and happiness, and it's also the name of a bulb plant related to the hyacinth that blooms from April to June in the Pyrenees. And it's the name Lucía López chose to baptize her space, a concept store dedicated to plants, illustration and design that's also a gallery and café (they serve Nømad Coffee concoctions, along with artisan cakes made by Jana, a neighbour and friend). In addition to plants, especially succulents and cactus, Lucía has reserved a place for local artists: you'll find illustrations by Hermano Gato, Miu Mirambell and Julia Navarro, and ceramics by artists such as Irina Yudina, Cara Janelle and Amenamen. The flowery Pompilio plants and Bas pots complete the ambience of a space that seduces instantly.


Venue name: Espai Joliu
Address: Badajoz, 95
Opening hours: Mon 3pm-7pm; Tue-Fri 9am-7pm; Sat 10am-3pm; Sun closed
Transport: Llacuna (M: L4)
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