BIG Holiday Stories

BIG: Barcelona Improv Group
©Olivier Valiente BIG: Barcelona Improv Group

Everyone's got their own holiday memories. The fragrance of roast lamb while reading the jokes off Christmas crackers, scarfing down a plate of latkes and playing a mean game of dreidel, or explaining to your visiting parents why your holiday decorations include a smiling yule log that you hit while singing to make it shit out sweets. You might be among those who remember getting locked out in the snow while sneaking out for that cigarette, Uncle Tony explaining that his flatmate Michael is more than just a friend, or waking up from the office holiday party to a viral video of you punching your boss dressed as Father Christmas. We all have our stories, and on December 12, the Barcelona Improv Group (BIG) wants you to share your stories with them. BIG's final show of 2014 will be devoted to your holiday memories, fond or otherwise. Come with your stories to share, or send them via social media, and BIG will show you how things might have turned out differently.

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