Constellations, Jocular Theatre
Constellations, Jocular Theatre

Written by: Nick Payne. Directed by: Sophie Heydel. Actors: Rebecca Ronayne, Joshua Zamrycki. Original music: Julian Jahanpour.

Your friends at Jocular Theatre are back with their 18th English-language theatre production in Barcelona – this time, with British playwright Nick Payne's 'Constellations', an exploration of a relationship using the complex framework of multiverse quantum theory. After Marianne and Roland meet at a random point in time where their existences first collide, you're presented with an unravelling collage of all the paths they could go down, opening awareness to the expanding magnitude of our 'little' lives. The pair waltz around between universes, while engaging in drastic leaps of emotion that pull you into the play’s tornado of meaning: this is all happening at the same time and there are no correct answers, only a liberating yet impossibly deep ocean of possibilities. What is free will? Is there such a thing as destiny? How much control do we have over our own lives? But above such immense questions, a simple human warmth envelops the play in funny and familiar human randomness. Treat yourself to a night at the theatre in Gràcia to raise and answer questions big and small.

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