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God of Carnage

  • Theatre, Drama
God of Carnage
Jocular TheatreGod of Carnage

Time Out says

Your friends at Jocular Theatre are back with their 21st English-language theatre production in Barcelona, presenting 'God of Carnage', winner of the 2009 Tony Award for Best Play. It takes place over an evening in the lives of two couples, residents of a tiny Brooklyn neighbourhood, who meet to discuss a playground incident. Alan and Annette’s son hit Michael and Veronica’s son in the face with a stick, resulting in two broken teeth. The evening begins quite amicably, with the four parents intending to resolve the situation diplomatically. However, as their hopes for this begin to splinter and disillusionment sets in, the evening deteriorates from one of mild unease and discomfort into a deluge of accusations, recriminations, jealousy and rage. There’s drinking, fighting, vomiting, and the destruction of some rather lovely tulips. They’re there for their kids, but can the grown‐ups be grown up enough to resolve their differences without losing sight of right and wrong? The façade of civility shatters as the God of Carnage wreaks havoc in the living room and all hell breaks loose. In English.

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Written by: Yasmina Reza. Translated by: Christopher Hampton. Directed by: Joshua Zamrycki. Actors: James Giblin, Alex Borstein, Dermot Arrigan, Nikol Kollars. Original music by: Julian Jahanpour


€13-€19 (Thu); €14-€21 (Fri-Sun)
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