Grec 2014: Guillotina

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Grec 2014: Guillotina

Iago Pericot's presentation is something between performance and metaphor, with a lot of catharsis but no violence. And the only star is the audience. Aware that our society is in a moment of confusion and that we all feel vitally limited, the creators of this piece invite us to search within ourselves for the concept or idea that's causing us the most angst in order to let it go happily. All you have to do is activate guillotine with one of the four touch pads near it or even from your own mobile phone, if you have downloaded the necessary app (see below). For about five minutes the lights come on, the alarm is triggered when the blade reaches the highest point, and then it falls gently, followed by shouts and cheers from the crowd. Make way for Madame Guillotine.

Note: To participate with your smartphone, download the app for this performance at the Grec Festival website.

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