Grec 2014: La partida (Dealer's Choice)

3 out of 5 stars
La partida

Author: Patrick Marber. Directed by: Julio Manrique. With: Ramon Madaula, Andrew Tarbet, Marc Rodríguez, Joan Carreras, Andreu Benito, Oriol Vila.

Julio Manrique once again immerses himself in the theatrical world of playwright Patrick Marber, as he did in 'Senyoreta Júlia' (After Miss Julie), Marber’s version of Strindberg’s classic play. This time, Manrique directs a play the British author wrote as an unknown, which, with an all-male cast, uses a poker game to meditate on themes that go far beyond cards. As one of the characters says, ‘You must play the man, not the cards.’ (In Catalan.)

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