Grec 2014: Les criades (The Maids)

Les criades
Jiwoo Nam

By Jean Genet. Directd by: Do Wan Im. Dramatúrgia: Ky Choi. With: Mee-Ryeong Kim, Eun-Young Joung, Eun-Ju Lee (Sadari Movement Laboratory).

In 1998, on his return from studying in France with Jacques LeCoq, director Do Wan Im founded the Sadari Movement Laboratory, a company committed to exploring new theatrical languages. In the hands of the Sadari Movement Laboratory, Genet’s play 'The Maids' becomes a powerful piece of physical theatre, with a key role played by an item of furniture. It’s a large wooden wardrobe, which, in this interplay of dualities – the self vs. others, reality vs. fiction – becomes a psychological space inhabited by both maids and mistress. (In Korean, with surtitles in Catalan.)

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