Grec 2014: Merda d'artista

Theatre, Musicals
3 out of 5 stars
Merda d'artista
© Javier Naval Merda d'artista

By: Ferran González, Joan Miquel Pérez. Directed by: Alícia Serrat. With: Ferran González, Xènia Reguant, Gemma Martínez, Nanina Rosebud, Frank Capdet, Joan Miquel Pérez, Eloi López, Paco Weht.

If you remember 'Pegados', the pocket musical about a couple who started playing the games of love but couldn't find a way to stop them, the team behind that surprise hit are back with a new musical comedy based on the life of Piero Manzoni, a conceptual artist who got famous by selling tins labelled 'Artist’s Shit', many of which are still kept in bank vaults around the world. 'Merda d’artista' narrates a fictional story based on reality, whilst presenting an acid, ironic portrait of the art market at a certain point in time. The piece features hilarious, witty, quickfire dialogues, as well as music that pays tribute to the great classical musicals and to 20th-century Italian music. In short, it's the story, in music, of a man who turned shit into gold. (In Catalan.)

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