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Grec 2015: Soeurs

  • Theatre

Time Out says

Text and direction: Wajdi Mouawad. Inspired by: Nayla Mouawad, Annick Bergeron. Dramaturgy: Charlotte Farcet. Intérprete: Annick Bergeron. Voices: Annick Bergeron (fridge, television, TV channels), Christelle Franca (Virginie), Aimée Mouawad (kids' voices), Wajdi Mouawad (Arnold).

A woman, an expert in conflict mediation, is driving through a snowstorm towards Ottawa, where she is to give a talk. Her commitment and the difficult weather conditions lead her to an hotel room where everything, from the lights to the fridge, is activated by voice, bilingually in English and French. But what will happen when our protagonist cannot turn on any of the devices by using her own language? Annick Bergeron performs a 'monologue', despite not being the only character in this work, which features the support of audiovisual projections. This play is the second in the Canadian author’s 'Domestic' cycle, which he began with 'Seuls', symbol of the son (presented at the Teatre Lliure), continues with 'Soeurs' ('Sisters'), and which he will follow with 'Frères' and, finally, 'Père et Mère'. 'Sisters' is a kind of stage puzzle that explores ideas of privacy and autofiction. In it, the text is just one part of a series of materials that Bergeron has built up, on behalf of the director, some of them as a result of the long relationship she established with Nayla, Mouawad’s elder sister.


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