Krum (El Crosta)

4 out of 5 stars
©Ros Ribas
By: Hanoch Levin. Direcctor: Carme Portaceli. With: Pere Arquillué, Jordi Brunet, Lluïsa Castell, Jordi Collet, Gabriela Flores, Carme González, Oriol Guinart, Mónica López, Pepa López, Joan Negrié, Albert Pérez.
Israeli dramatist Hanoch Levin's anti-hero Krum ('crust' in Hebrew) comes home after a long absence. He hasn't made a success of his life, he hasn't married, he hasn't made any money - he's done nothing. Life is abroad, but he didn't find it. A tale of lonely people, haunted by the passing of time.
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