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  • Theatre, Musicals
  • 4 out of 5 stars
  • Recommended

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

Direction: Joan Lluís Bozzo. Music: Albert Guinovar. Cast: Toni Viñals, Ana San Martín, Ivan Labanda, Mireia Mambo, Jordi Coromina, Clara Moraleda, Albert Mora, Frank Capdet, Josep Maria Hernández, Anna Alborch, Pep Ferrer, Eduard Mauri, Jan Forrellat, Lucía Torres, Cristina Murillo, Mireia Dolç and Neus Pàmies. 

Following the pirate story 'Mar i cel' comes a tale of capes and swords with the French Revolution as a backdrop and with a masked hero who appears to serve as master of arms for a marquis and tutor for his daughter Olympia in order to dance as a Harlequin in a travelling Commedia dell'Arte company.

'Scaramouche' is a musical comedy presented in Catalan for all ages. It's a story of the good (the people) and the bad (noblemen and cardinals – that is, the upper class) that uses humour to revisit the confrontation between the upper and lower classes, and features some 30 songs as well. 

The production meets all the requirements of a great show: the dynamic libretto by Joan Lluís Bozzo inspired by the novel of the same name by Rafael Sabatini (1875-1950) and swordfights the likes of which haven't been seen on Catalan stages; majestic scenery by Alfons Flores; elegant and colourful costumes by Montse Amenós; Albert Guinovart's score; and an excellent cast lead by the powerful voice of Toni Viñals, the strength and appeal of Mireia Mambo (from 'Sister Act'), the fantastic marquis played by Ivan Labanda (our favourite character) and the fragile but determined Olympia played by Ana San Martín. 


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