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Shakespeare Lives: The Tempest

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Time Out says

Actors: Eliot Giuralarocca, Sasha Behar. Musicians: Le Tendre Amour ensemble – Katy Elkin, Esteban Mazer, Nicolas Muzy, Juan Ullibarri, Idoia Bengoa.

Enjoy a night of Shakespeare in English (with surtitles in Catalan), with 'The Tempest'. On a faraway enchanted island, the stage is set for plots of revenge and forgiveness, in this, the last and most musical play penned by The Bard. A magical storm wreaks havoc, and washed to shore is a motley crew of royalty, servants and drunks. Add a submissive fairy spirit, an innocent tale of true love, a revengeful half-monster slave, a double murder plot and some drunken comedy, and an unforgettable tale of magic and fantasy unfolds. Not only is 'The Tempest' a playground for the imagination and perhaps even Shakespeare ́s thinly disguised farewell to the theatre, it's also a stage for debates about authority and misused power that still ring true today.

Shakespeare's eloquent verse is imaginatively reunited with its forgotten melodies as two British actors join five musicians from the early music ensemble Le Tendre Amour. The latter play a multitude of colourful instruments that Shakespeare himself would have known and heard accompany this classic tale with both haunting beauty and foot-stomping rhythms.


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