Snakes! The Musical

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Snakes! The Musical
© Pamela Raith

Created by: Thom Sellwood. Written and performed by: Will Guppy, Thom Sellwood and Marina Waters. Music by: Mark Andrewes and Julia Ng. Choreography by: Rowan Ilsley.

Straight from London, Quite Nice Theatre promises a night of hilarity and solid entertainment, as just three actors cover a proposed cast of 36 - singing and dancing with an impressive array of international accents - all to a series of original backing tracks. A young director has written a musical about some snakes on a plane. With the help of two actors he hopes to wow a group of West End producers to secure the £50 million he needs to turn his show into the West End mega-musical he knows it can be. This award-winning show looks at the darker side of the theatre industry and examines the compromise between artistic merit and box office returns. 


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