The Blood Tales

The Blood Tales, Kate Joyner
The Blood Tales

This one-woman show from Silver Moon Theatre Company 're-mystifies the most misunderstood phenomenon of a woman's body by telling the true tales about our blood'. Performed by a witty witch who's not afraid to tell it like it is, the story brings the depths of the dark shadow to the light of day, allowing us to alchemise the outworn stories of woman's shame and disgust into tales of beauty and woe. Through this highly emotive theatre performance, you're guided through the terrain of the long-lost feminine, where all of the too-small stories are dispelled into a cauldron of magic, giving way to the promise of a new paradigm, as seen from the Moon. Political, provocative, sensual and revolutionary, the performance will change the way you think about menstrual blood forever.

Written and performed by: Kate Joyner. Directed by: Palma Morena Greco


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