The Pillowman

The Pillowman

Author: Martin McDonagh. Director: Joshua Zamrycki. Starring: James Giblin, David O’Kelly, Billy Jeffries, Ben Torbush, Thérèse Hoben, Rafael Marrero, Rosa Blake, Jordi Hanley.

Jocular Theatre presents a viciously funny psychological thriller. Set in an unnamed totalitarian state, 'The Pillowman' tells the story of Katurian, a writer who is being questioned by the police on account of a series of murders that bear some disturbing similarities to his fictional tales. As the murder investigation progresses, the audience sees the visual representation of several of Katurian's short stories, brought to life by the cast. Led by the writer's urgent need to save his life's work, events unfold that will leave you wondering about the fine lines between fact and fiction. (Contains strong language and mature themes and is recommended for audiences who are not easily offended.)


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