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BIG: Barcelona Improv Group
©Olivier Valiente BIG: Barcelona Improv Group

The course of true love never has run smooth, and although some 'experts' will try to sell you advice to find your dream match, they're just wrong. Your friends at BIG say throw out the rulebooks when it comes to love and just follow your heart... or gut... or instinct – hey, they make it up as they go. Come out the night before Valentine's Day and see the improvised comedy show that will make you gasp, wonder and laugh, and maybe even
accidentally teach you something about the capricious nature of dating, romance and intimacy: BIG Love!

The first act is the group's brand-new form, Suggestive Letters, where improvised love letters become the inspiration for dramatic, surreal and comic improvised scenes. The second act involves a series of wacky improv games that toy with all the stages of relationships, from speed dating to tucking in the kids and beyond.

The last three shows were sold out, so get your tickets now! (You can also book priority seats for the best views of the stage at no extra cost.)


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