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Street food is starting to become mainstream in Barcelona. One of the best examples of its widespread success is Born Street Food: a gastronomic project organised by the association Barcelona Born Gourmet, made up of some of the best restaurants and food shops in the neighbourhood.

Folowing a triumphant second edition, the Born Street Food once more converts Plaça Pla de Palau into the site for a gourmet festival unique to Barcelona, with 14 chefs temporarily transferring their kitchens to the street for a gastro event open to all, with live showcookings.

For the occasion, the chefs from each participating restaurant will rustle up delicious dishes such as: roasted octopus sandwich with Gamonéu cheese and traditional 'allada' garlic sauce (Llamber Taverna Gastronòmica); Iberian ham sandwich with cream of El Put cheese (Bodega La Puntual); Grilled Iberian 'bellota' chorizo  (Bar Ángel), and marinated fish 'Sanluqueño' style with garlic mayo (Restaurant Estimar). You can also try an assortment of cheeses (Vila Viniteca); tacos with 'cochinita pibil' and 'xnipec' sauce (Oaxaca); black noodles from the Barceloneta fish market (1881 per Sagardi); and pulled pork (Pork ... Boig por tu!). If you're still hungry, don't miss the grilled sardines with roasted pepper (Euskal Etxea); pork buns 2.0 (Sagàs); grilled beef sandwich with confit of 'piquillo' pepper (Sagardi); white tuna from Cantabria in a marinade of 'escabetx' (Orio); and mussels in Txakolí (lightly sparkling white wine) from Getaria in the Basque Country (Golfo de Bizkaia).

Born Street Food runs from Friday 17 until Sunday 19, between noon and midnight each day.

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