Brew Pub Festival

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Casa Bonay
© Maria DiasCasa Bonay

Beer lovers, take note: Casa Bonay is bringing together its favourite brew pubs (and they are arguably the seven best of their kind in Barcelona) for a small, but select festival of artisan beers. The pubs in question are: Ale & Hop, Brew Pub Le Sec, NaparBCN, Mikkeller, GarageBeer Co, BlackLab and La Virgen. A dream team of artisan beer-makers and, what's more, each of them has created a special drink for the occasion.

At the end of the tasting – which will take half a day and is accompanied by some essential grub thanks to five stalls of street food organised by star chef Estanis Carenzo – there will be a vote to choose the best beer. You can also enjoy music courtesy of the DJs from Discos Paradiso. All in all, it promises to be an excellent Bonay soirée.

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