Cap a una estètica de la bona voluntat. Amaranta Velarde

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Amaranta Velarde

With Amaranta Velarde and Diana Gadish. 'Towards an Aesthetic of Good Will' is inspired by the prologue of Michel Houellebecq’s 'The Elementary Particles', in which genetic mutation has created a new human species that has managed to overcome today’s suffering based on ontological paradigms of gender and sex, individual and society, finitude and immortality. The piece seeks a choreographic vocabulary that generates or explores psychosomatic states related to concepts such as surrender, emptiness, and the fragmentation of the sense of individuality. To do so, it examines the clichés, aesthetics and manipulations that have sprung up around these concepts and questions their reality or paradoxical status, in a search that takes place within the framework of the stage.

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