Christmas 2016: Nativity scene in Plaça Sant Jaume

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Every year, Barcelona city council pays tribute to the tradition in many Catalan homes of setting up a nativity scene ('pessebre' in Catalan), by constructing a large-scale one in the central square of Sant Jaume. The production of the crib changes hands from year to year, with both traditional and contemporary styles having been employed in recent editions, but always with the familiar characters of the Holy Family, shepherds, Three Kings and angels. This year's scene is based on Catalan J.V. Foix's poem 'Ho sap tothom, i és profecia' (which translates roughly to 'Everyone knows it, and it is prophecy'), where the poet cites various everyday Christmas scenes, and for this occasion they are carried out by Olot artists Quim Domene and Toti Toronell, with an emphasis on the universe and figures in Catalan Christmas popular culture.


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