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Corpus Christi 2020: L'ou com balla

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Ou com balla
Foto: ShutterstockOu com balla

Time Out says

Sixty days after Easter Sunday, on Corpus Christi, locals celebrate the tradition of 'L’ou com balla', or 'The dancing egg'. For this day, church fountains all across Barcelona are lavishly decorated with flowers, and an egg is set atop the stream of water, where it does its dance. No one knows exactly how the curious tradition started, but the most widely accepted start date is 1637 at the Barcelona Cathedral. More recently, locals flock there or to one of the other city churches to witness the egg, which represents rebirth or Holy Communion (depending on who you ask), bounce and twirl and dance.

This year's celebrations are slightly different, as no flocking to dancing eggs will be done, and in fact the only dancing eggs in town will be at the Cathedral and in the Rubió i Lluch gardens (Hospital, 56). From June 8 to 14, be sure to appreciate the tradition on social media.


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