Cursa dels nassos 2017

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Cursa dels nassos
Cursa dels nassos

Certain local traditions may strike you as funny, bizarre, or downright disturbing. You may know that the Catalans ring in the new year by eating one grape with each chime of the clock at midnight, but did you know about the man with many noses ('l'home dels nassos')? Folklore has it that there's a man who has as many noses as there are days left in the year. He only goes out one day a year, December 31, and parades around throwing sweets to children who can find him. It being the last day, the sly old fox has only one nose, leaving him near impossible to identify. So to honour him, the city hosts one of its most iconic sporting events of the year, La Cursa dels Nassos (The Race of the Noses), which starts at 5.30pm from C/ Sevla de Mar, and takes participants 10km round the city.


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