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Five videos to make you fall in love with Barcelona

If you haven't been to Barcelona, these five videos will get you here, and if you have, go ahead and relive some of your best memories... or find a reason to come back!

Written by
Pau Roca

Barcelona is wonderful. It has its good side and its bad, like all big cities, but it's also got its own energy that makes it unique. And though you can get an idea of the magic as you're walking along the streets, sometimes it's good to get to know the feeling (or get it back again) with some really good videos.

Some of these are at night, others during the day; some have been done using loads of resources and others with very few; but all have in common the fact that they are a detailed study of Barcelona. We found some that had us wide-eyed and slack-jawed seeing them ourselves, so we selected five videos from recent years about our fair city. Though there are definitely many more, you must see these when you've got a bit of time. We promise, they're worth it!

1. We love this one. It's a video made with 26,000 photographs by Rob Whitworth for the Catalan Tourism Agency.

2. 'Midnight Barcelona' is a creation by Pau García that has come to life thanks to hundreds of still images.

3. This video was made by Mammoth studio in late 2014 / early 2015, and it focuses not only on Barcelona city but the entire province.

4. Produced and created by the 'nueve ojos' studio, this video was made in 2008, and was recognised in the Commercial Tourism category in the Tourism Film Festival Riga 2011.

5. And finally it's a drone shot of Barcelona, with no backstory, but it's always cool to see the city from a bird's-eye view.

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