Free bravas and beer!

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Yes, folks, you read that right. Bar Tomás in the uptown neighbourhood of Sarrià is going crazy! crazy! crazy! during the barrio's Festa Major and giving away servings of his illustrious patatas bravas to all who come to Plaça Sant Vicenç on Friday, 11 October from 7pm. The waiters at Bar Tomás will be serving as many as 400 helpings of bravas, in an act that will involve collaboration on the part of the association of neighbours and Cervezas Moritz, who's in charge of bringing the beer to the party.

The staff say the secret of their bravas, which have been celebrated since the 1970s, is in the sauce, sure, but also in the potatoes themselves – always freshly made​​, hand-cut and never frozen. Many believe that the bravas from Bar Tomás are the best in town (not all can boast of having been on the cover of 'The Wall Street Journal'!). Get there in time and do not miss this one-of-a-kind chance to taste these superior bravas with a delightful beer chaser absolutely free!