Gypsy Garden Tattoo

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Gypsy Garden. JotaPaint
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JotaPaint, Guindero and Ypsoinfarto are three tattoo artists to look to when you want stellar colour work done, and they're also the owners of this studio, where they work with another three artists and a monthly special guest. 'We all come from other studios, we give each other feedback, and we even share clients,' says Ypsoinfarto. You'll find a variety of styles, from old to new school, with backgrounds in illustration and urban art. 'Graffiti and tattoos are the essence of the street, of freedom,' he says. Don't be surprised if you find these guys spread out on the floor drawing – their creativity can't be stopped!


Venue name: Gypsy Garden Tattoo
Address: Calle Tenor Masini, 22
Transport: Plaça de Sants (M: L1, L5)
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