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Menjar del dia a dia: Costa d'Ivori i Mali
Menjar del dia a dia: Costa d'Ivori i Mali

Food made at home using traditional methods is a very important aspect in the daily lives of many African families. At this gastronomic event, you can take a virtual voyage to Mali and the Côte d'Ivoire to try the dishes ('kejenou' and 'kyinkyinga') created by the chef Laurier Ngililmana, as well as music from those countries, such as Afrofunk and songs by griots. 

Laurier Ngilimana will also run a workshop. The chef and pastry chef from Cameroon has worked in leading Barcelona restaurants such as Saüc, Manairó, Petit Comitè, Hotel Omm and the Pastisseria el Nostre Pa.

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